in Bodymaker

✓ Twice the output of a conventional Bodymaker

✓ Reduced floor space

✓ Energy use per can reduced by at least 40%

✓ Very low vibration

✓ Commercial: the first machine has been delivered to a customer in Europe

✓ The List Price is less than 2 conventional SLAC Bodymakers and less than a single competitive Bodymaker at this time

Maintaining the best ROI that SLAC always strives to offer the industry The Boxer will be on view in Metpack

The boxer uses a "contra" power drive.

  • Two reciprocating rams on a single flywheel, with tool-packs at either end
  • Driven by a single central motor and crankshaft
  • Two cans from each stroke

Working lika a "contra engine', the rams operate in opposite directions; counteracting horizontal vibration force and creating an almost perfect dynamic balance.

Innovative designs means very little vibration and noise is created and there is no need for floor installations with deep foundations. Even at 350cpm, vibration is only 0.011; TEN TIMES LESS than conventional bodymakers. This is almost indiscernible.




1314 Webster Street, Dayton, Ohio, 45404, USA

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+1 (937)296-9226

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